Reimbursing Remote Employees – Less Expensive Than the Alternative

In a California lawsuit against Amazon, a group of employees allege that Amazon did not reimburse them for work-related expenses incurred while working remotely—a violation of state law. Amazon required a number of employees to work from home during the pandemic, resulting in employees incurring a variety of expenses relating to their home office arrangements (e.g., increased electricity usage, internet and cell phone expenses). The legal team representing the employees launched similar lawsuits (some of which have already settled) against IBM, Oracle, and other major corporations.

Business Takeaway: While the California regulations at issue may not apply to your business, this is something to keep in mind, especially considering the impetus for continued/more remote work. In addition to legal liability, there are additional considerations at play, including recruitment and retention efforts. Contact us at if you have questions regarding remote work reimbursements.