Workplace Law

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for decades, Goldstein Law Group has the combined years and breadth of experience to help you solve workplace issues and avoid legal exposure.

When you’re starting out

  • Planning for and recruiting your first employees
  • Establishing onboarding, background check, and drug-testing protocols
  • Classifying employees (exempt, non-exempt, full-time, etc.)
  • Completing I-9 Forms
  • Supporting your HR personnel

When you’re growing

  • Navigating sick leave, vacation, and final paycheck laws
  • Establishing compliant recordkeeping and timekeeping systems
  • Developing position descriptions and evaluation protocols
  • Advising on ADA, FMLA, Worker’s Compensation, and other leave laws
  • Addressing social media in the workplace

When things go sideways

  • Identifying appropriate disciplinary actions
  • Drafting severance agreements
  • Challenging unemployment claims
  • Investigating theft, harassment, and other misdeeds
  • Rectifying compromised employee or customer data
  • Responding to the loss of a key employee
  • Initiating or defending litigation in state or federal court

When you’re looking ahead

  • Developing employment handbooks, policies, and protocols
  • Restructuring your workforce
  • Drafting non-competition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements
  • Administering last chance agreements and performance improvement plans
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