Corporate Law

Trusted advisors help businesses succeed. That’s why we value ongoing relationships with so many of our clients over the years. We call on experience working in various industries to forecast issues and tailor our advice to your business. We also help identify opportunities for business growth and offer advice on how to take those next steps.

When you’re starting out

  • Selecting a business entity and forming a new business
  • Drafting operating agreements and bylaws
  • Managing your corporate book and annual reporting requirements
  • Identifying proper tax forms

When you’re growing

  • Acquiring another business
  • Welcoming additional owners or investors
  • Implementing non-disclosure agreements with service providers and strategic partners
  • Handling contracts with suppliers, vendors, contractors, and employees
  • Protecting trade secret, confidential, and proprietary information

When things go sideways         

  • Conducting internal investigations 
  • Rectifying a failed business deal 
  • Supervising government audits 
  • Addressing unfair competition

When you’re looking ahead

  • Drafting service agreements
  • Designing corporate governance practices and protocols
  • Planning for succession
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