Off the Clock

Get Advice and Answers When You Need Them.

Engage legal counsel on issues as they arise and never feel the clock running. Timely advice saves you time, money, and headaches, and prevents or curtails litigation.

How it works. How you benefit.

Our Off the Clock program provides a proactive option for you to do what’s best for your business and to minimize legal exposure. For a nominal fee of $50 per month, your participation not only gets your question answered, it also ensures that we have a better understanding of your business, and helps us tailor advice to your specific circumstance, needs, and risk tolerance.

  • Includes phone calls and email communication
  • No contract—with monthly billing, you can cancel at any time

Any question. Anytime.

We want to hear from you before your minor development becomes a major problem. For services which may fall outside the program, we will advise you ahead of time and not undertake any services without your prior approval.

Some common examples include:

  • An underperforming employee just put in a leave request. Does FMLA, ADA, or Worker’s Compensation preclude us from future discipline/discharge?
  • I think I’ve identified a successor for the leadership of my business. What’s next?
  • My salaried employee says I owe her overtime. Is she exempt?
  • I’m considering bringing a new partner into the business, or exiting an existing partner from the business. What should I be thinking of?
  • An employee is complaining of harassment. What do I do?
  • A potential supplier/customer is asking us to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Should we sign?
Contact Us:

“I have worked with Mark and the team at Goldstein Law Group for several years. I myself am an attorney but I contact them whenever I have a legal need related to my business. Legal matters can be stressful, but Mark has a calming effect, gives me sound advice and helps me move toward a resolution. Everyone at the firm is responsive and I am always pleased with the result. When I recommend Goldstein Law Group to another business owner, I do so with complete confidence that Mark and his team will provide them with the same excellent service that I have always received.”