Layoffs – the Danger is Remote

As we continue to move further from the COVID-era workplace, many businesses are still grappling with the lessons learned and changes implemented. For instance, one study shows that remote workers are 35% more likely to be laid off than on-site workers— particularly notable as a number of large companies throughout the United States have announced significant layoffs this year. Some companies, including Wayfair, explicitly stated a focus on remote workers for its layoffs.

Business Takeaway: As posited by Sam Naficy (CEO of Prodoscore), some of these developments are a result of “gut intuition” instead of bona fide productivity data. On the one hand, businesses should be cautious as to how they consider and weigh remote work as a factor for layoffs, promotions, etc. As Naficy advises, “data-driven decision-making is better for people and better for business.” On the other hand, what data do you have on employee productivity—remote, or in-person? Our experience is that many/most have very poor, if any data, on the productivity of remote workersespecially for “knowledge workers.”