Where You Lead, I Will Follow

According to a 2024 Randstad Workmonitor survey, an impending leadership deficit may be attributed to three primary employee priorities: (1) a desire for work-life balance over higher earnings, (2) a focus on personal life and identity over work as identity, and (3) a premium on flexible work arrangements. In sum, we may see that a “work to live” philosophy in the workforce today has an effect on the leadership pipeline down the road. While some of these changes have been trending for years, the scales have tipped further as more Gen Z workers enter the workforce and Baby Boomers retire. In fact, 34% of employees surveyed “never want to become managers” and 39% “don’t even want to be promoted.”

Business Takeaway: While each workplace is unique, there are some complicated trends here. How confident are you in your current leadership and leadership pipeline?