Politics in the Office

With the upcoming presidential election, and a variety of polarizing topics in the news, perhaps it should come as no surprise that surveys indicate up to 84% of employees discuss politics at work, sometimes to the detriment of morale and engagement and contributing to higher stress levels and increased employee turnover. On the other hand, so much in the world around us is deeply concerning and, in some workplaces (e.g., healthcare, education, law, non-profits), is very much intertwined with the work. In a recent SHRM article, experts in conflict management and business communication generated eight tips for maintaining professional discourse and civil communication.

While these tools are largely about lowering the temperature, sometimes “leaning into” the issues might be the better approach (as they’re not going away anytime soon, after all). For such circumstances, renowned psychologist Jonathan Haidt offers this tool (link to https://constructivedialogue.org/).