UW-La Crosse’s X-(Rated) Chancellor

As you may have heard, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL) board voted unanimously to terminate Joe Gow as Chancellor after learning of the adult content he published online. While Gow opined that some of his rights (e.g., freedom of expression) were violated, UWL indicated he “failed to live up to” the standards of the institution as a leader and role model of the students and community. The labor and employment issues are, at first blush, more complicated but ultimately resolved more easily by virtue of his leadership position at a public university.

Two other dimensions to this one of potential interest – that the issue was prompted by Gow’s self-disclosure (versus, e.g., being discovered on the internet, by a student) and that he did so just six months prior to his retirement from the position. For those who are interested, this is certainly not the last of the story, as Gow is still a tenured faculty member at UWL.

Relatedly, La Crosse’s 608 Brewing Company now offers a fruited sour beer called Hot for Chancellor.