Trying to Build a Healthier Workplace

CVS Health terminated an undisclosed number of employees after an independent investigation substantiated various sexual harassment complaints. These circumstances also led CVS to create an Office of Workplace Assistance, overseen by its CEO. While the details surrounding the CVS investigation are not entirely clear, the company’s response makes it apparent the issue was not only harassment itself, but also the company’s previous poor handling of such complaints.

Business Takeaway: It is imperative that your policies outline how your team should receive and handle employee complaints, and that you understand when and why an investigation (or outside investigation) is warranted. It’s not enough to simply draft a written policy and assume managers and employees understand it. Offer training and regular check-ins on the subject. While these matters are clearly problematic for victims and workforce morale, they also signify potential (and potentially substantial) company liability. Contact us at if you have questions regarding your reporting and investigation protocols.