The Game’s Up at Riot Games

California video game company, Riot Games, settled a gender discrimination lawsuit for $100 million to be split among 2,000+ current and former female employees and contractors. Riot Games also agreed to additional measures, including funding a “diversity and inclusion program” and committing to additional analyses and audits of gender equity in the workplace. In addition to the lawsuit, Riot Games was subject to a separate California investigation of “claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, unequal pay and retaliation against women,” as well as a sexual harassment investigation of Riot Games’ CEO. Notably, the settlement also comes in the wake of other headline-grabbing video game scandals: Activision Blizzard’s sexual harassment scandal and Ubisoft’s mishandled misconduct investigation.

Business Takeaway: While the technology field is often perceived to be a bit different than others, gender discrimination seems to cross all industries with no signs of ebbing. Prevention begins with developing an appropriate workplace culture and environment, backed by strong company policies and protocols. Contact us at if you have questions regarding your workplace policies and culture.