Résumés – Something Old, Something New

Economists recently conducted an experiment to test whether certain personal characteristics—including those that are protected by law—affect who gets job offers. For instance, race seemed to play a factor in initial company contact, while gender was a factor depending upon industry and level of employment (e.g., entry level vs. later career role). While some may dismiss the findings of just one experiment, they do shed light on the many obstacles women and minorities face in the hiring process.

Relatedly, applicants are starting to use AI to generate or enhance their résumés. While embellishing certain points (or outright lying) on applications and résumés is not new, the adoption of AI has emboldened such efforts; a striking 73% of working adults surveyed indicated they would consider using AI to enhance their own résumés. While these fabrications can be spotted and addressed in the onboarding process (e.g., by plagiarism detection programs or in-depth questioning), it presents a new twist on existing hiring challenges.

Business Takeaway: What have you done to overcome implicit bias that might creep into the evaluation of résumés, internal candidates, etc.? Have you explored AI relative to your hiring processes, either offensively or defensively? And if so, what do the early returns tell you?