New Wisconsin Laws That May Affect You

In March, Governor Evers signed into law two bills of note to Wisconsin employers: 2023 Wisconsin Act 237 and 2023 Wisconsin Act 228.

Act 237 requires certain employers to provide employee training on identifying and preventing human trafficking crimes (in conjunction with 2023 Wisconsin Act 239, which creates a Human Trafficking Council at the Department of Justice). More information on this training is expected soon.

Act 228 requires the Department of Workforce Development to create and maintain a telephone hotline and website to assist employers who have questions about candidates with arrest and conviction records.

Business Takeaway: While we await further information on these and other bills, it bears noting that Act 237 may affect a wide range of customer-facing industries. As written, the law broadly applies to “employees who are likely to interact with the public and vulnerable individuals, as determined by the department.” The issue of arrest and conviction record discrimination continues to be one of the most frequent, and confounding, kinds of questions we receive. Contact Mark at 414-446-8800 or should you have questions about this issue.