Do You Give Better Advice Than a Chatbot?

In a recent INTOO/Workplace Intelligence survey, Gen Z employees indicated they “get better career advice from ChatGPT than their human bosses” and that 44% “expect to quit within six months” because of a perceived lack of support. Going back years, the concern here is not that these numbers are accurate. (Will 44% of your workers quit? Unlikely, or at least not all at the same time.) But it speaks to a tremendous level of disengagement in the workforce. Some of the more actionable through lines of the study indicate that new workers feel companies are failing to offer personalized or accessible career advice and that their bosses do not tailor counsel to their individual circumstances.

Business Takeaway: Some of the primary concerns raised in the survey are actionable. For instance, businesses can and should engage employees around career development and have honest conversations about opportunities available internally. This all takes time, planning, and overcoming existing sentiments about whether it’s worthwhile. As to what AI may have to offer in this regard, the jury is still out. It does speak to the hunger employees have for feedback, and the failure of business owners and managers to provide it.