Taking Shots

One hallmark of bad management is the failure to take ownership of decisions (e.g., a second shift supervisor blaming superiors for unpopular policies or protocols). But what if bad management is the owner himself, and the behavior is in front of employees and customers? That’s the allegation recently posed to Roxanne Gay, the New York Times’ “Work Friend.” The questioner reports:

For the past couple months, one of our owners has been telling customers, and anyone who will listen, that he and his partner make less than the employees. This happens directly in front of the staff. Since we are such a small operation, we all go to the same envelope for our paychecks. We see everyone’s, including those of the owners. They each make about $4,000 more than the average employee per month.

Best case scenario, the owner is venting about all the other costs (and burdens and headaches) involved in running the operation. It is a tavern, after all. In either event, likely not a way to win friends or influence people.