Preferences Vary re: Remote & Hybrid Work

A recent national survey shows that a higher percentage of women workers are in hybrid offices (50% vs. 44% of men) and a lower percentage women work on-site full-time (32% vs. 38% of men). While men and women both indicated better focus (vs. return to office full-time), men were more likely to indicate remote work hindered career development, while women thought it provided more opportunities.

Business Takeaway: This set of survey results reminds us of just one level of complexity (gender differences) that is not always part of the conversation regarding remote and hybrid work. In another example, a higher percentage of Hispanic, Asian, and Black knowledge workers prefer hybrid/remote work to White knowledge workers—though all groups prefer such work at a rate of 75% or more. As you continue to think about your workforce, be cautious of statistical conclusions that seem either too strong or self-serving—this is all still new, and you must consider which results are statistically significant and relevant to your operations.