Even the Rich and Famous Aren’t Immune

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is a 15-year NFL veteran. With significant roster turnover, including the addition of many young players, he has felt like a dad talking about “the old days.” At just 35 years old, Stafford sees age and culture gap as an obstacle to leadership.

Musician Lizzo is facing two lawsuits, one brought by three former dancers and another by her former wardrobe manager. Between the two lawsuits, Lizzo and her production company face allegations of “sexual, religious, and racial harassment, disability discrimination, assault, and false imprisonment,” in addition to allegations of a hostile work environment and retaliation. Unsurprisingly, Lizzo denies the allegations.

Business Takeaway: Often, there may be little to be gleaned by typical businesses from issues involving professional athletes and touring musicians. However, these instances exemplify the fact that “human nature” reveals itself even in the young and famous. Stafford’s experience with the Rams is similar to the generational, cultural, gender, and other gaps that many in business face, while the lawsuits against Lizzo show the ways in which workplace dynamics and issues can boil over . How are you working to get ahead of such issues?