Deadly Working Conditions

As you may recall, a tornado swept through Kentucky in December, causing substantial property damage and a number of fatalities. Among the wreckage was a candle factory in which 110 employees were working an overnight shift—eight of whom were killed in the storm. Employees have since sued the company, indicating their supervisors threatened to fire them if they left the factory during the tornado. The CEO countered that team leaders were “heroic in their efforts” but indicated an internal review would follow.

Business Takeaway: This was an extreme case, but one demonstrating a common issue encountered with middle management employees: judgement. Remember that the actions of your employees, particularly your appointed leaders, bring with them significant corporate liability (and negative PR exposure). While promoted individuals may obtain their positions through merit, appropriate and ongoing training is critical for success and legal compliance. As Voltaire famously said, “common sense is not so common.” Contact us at if you have questions regarding your team leaders or company training.