The Work Environment’s Role in Attracting and Retaining Employees

A Comcast call center in Delaware improved its employees’ work environment and experience by adding live plants, a fish tank, quieter rooms, games, and more. This stands in stark contrast to the former space (and typical call centers). However, some question whether changes such as these are simply “window dressing,” and as such, fail to resolve the real issues facing employees who work there (e.g., customer confrontation, poorly designed or broken systems). As Zeynep Ton, author of The Good Jobs Strategy, points out, “A nice office can go only so far if there are fundamental problems with the job.” Additionally, Harvard Business Review suggests that workplace wellness programs are surprisingly ineffective, while a Future Workplace survey demonstrates employees’ top priorities for workplace improvement included such basics as air quality and natural light, not ping-pong or pool tables.

Business Takeaway: While business productivity suffers when there are high rates of job dissatisfaction and workplace toxicity, how best to address these issues varies from company to company. Facility upgrades might work for some businesses while others may require a systematic overhaul in other areas, including company policies and practices. Contact Mark at 414-446-8800 or for additional information on employee engagement.