The Return of the Office Cubicle

As post-pandemic work continues to evolve, business owners are considering how to adapt existing workplaces to the new ways of work. Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram) attracted attention recently for its solution to noisy and open offices in the hybrid work era: cubicles. While similar work arrangements have been long-since abandoned in favor of open office plans, some workers seem to have embraced the opportunity for uninterrupted work in their soundproof “Cubes.”

Business Takeaway: While the pendulum seems to have swung back from open office plans championed just a few years back, Meta’s cubicle design offers a way to adapt to otherwise open environments (i.e., no need to build out walls, and also modular – if/when mores change again). Have you considered revisiting your workplace layout, and whether your employees may benefit from a more adaptive design?