Return to Work: Back to the Future?

We are beginning to see the contours of the “new normal” workplace as significant numbers of employees return to the office. As expected, some companies and workers are better prepared than others. Of course, policies around return to work vary by industry too. For most businesses that have not already planned for workers returning to the workplace, now is the time to consider revisiting a variety of company policies. From office dress codes to schedules and protocols, do not ignore the lessons of the recent past by maintaining a rigid adherence to pre-pandemic requirements and protocols.

Business Takeaway: With the changes to work that have already occurred, and an eye to the future, identify why (or in some cases, if) workers need to return to the workplace, and which productivity metrics can be measured. Also, keep in mind that many businesses that have opted to carry on without addressing recent developments have already lost (and likely will continue to lose) talent to companies that have acknowledged and adapted to the changing work environment. Whether employers like it or not, flexibility is key.