Recruitment and Retention Challenges

Businesses experienced more widespread (or perhaps simply more widely reported) employee burnout in the past few years, and recent studies suggest many workers (41% of those surveyed) are even more burned out now than they were one year ago. Compounding the issue, more than one-third of workers surveyed would “be hesitant to discuss burnout with their boss,” meaning such issues have potential to fester unaddressed. Though burnout causes and fixes vary, it is a critical issue to address as it affects workplace morale, employee performance, and turnover.

It bears noting that a new report shows small businesses in Wisconsin (especially in the Milwaukee-Waukesha metro areas) have experienced hiring difficulties at a rate substantially higher than the national average. One significant factor is the inability to offer higher wages amidst higher business costs. Between the general instability experienced in recent years and the widespread prediction of recession, it is imperative to monitor the situation and revisit your own talent pipeline.

Business Takeaway: While some degree of employee turnover is inevitable, there are a number of variables that can be addressed, including mental health and burnout. Start, perhaps, with who on your staff does not seem to have a best friend at work. Contact us at if you have questions or concerns about employee burnout within your organization.