OSHA Issues New Guidance

OSHA has issued new guidance on returning to work. Among other things:

  • Employers must conduct a thorough hazard assessment that examines the potential COVID-19 exposures for each job category and identifies protective measures.
  • Employers may perform daily temperature checks and health assessments of employees, but temperature screening “may have limited utility on its own.” Further, those performing the checks must be protected from possible infection. Asking employees to self-check at home may be more efficient, especially when paired with sick-leave policies that encourage workers to stay home if they feel ill.
  • Face masks, face coverings, and face shields are recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and may count as administrative controls for keeping the workplace safe. For those who require personal protective equipment (e.g., health care, construction, and other settings), please note that cloth face coverings do not qualify as personal protective equipment and may not be used as a substitute for N95 masks.
  • If personal protective equipment is required but not available and there are no other ways to safely do the job, “the work tasks must be discontinued.”