High-Profile COVID Concerns

Amazon has been sued in a New Jersey federal court by a former employee responsible for COVID-related safety protocols. The employee, David Bailey, claims his termination came after he observed and reported a shift manager who failed to maintain a six-foot distance from other workers (in violation of company protocols and state mandate) and who had been the subject of several other prior complaints from fellow employees.

Several employees of Disneyland (in Anaheim, California) have accused it of failing to enact appropriate and/or timely COVID protocols. The allegations include shortcomings related to testing and identifying positive cases, as well as the timeliness of communications—all which risked, or perhaps even caused, greater spread. If true, this appears to stand in stark contrast to Disney World (in Orlando, Florida), where the NBA season was successfully completed.

Business Takeaway: Businesses are risking big payouts, especially if employees can show a violation of state or local mandates, federal or state guidelines, and/or company safety protocols. If you have questions or concerns about existing mandates, federal or state guidelines, or your existing workplace safety procedures, contact Mark at 414-446-8800 or mark@goldsteinsc.com.