Food Fight?

After UW-Milwaukee’s dining program faced a staffing shortage, school administrators emailed faculty and staff requesting volunteers to “cook and serve food and help clean up.” While the program includes “anytime dining” options, students have been turned away for lack of adequate staff. The University of Minnesota is offering partial refunds for dining plans as students’ dining options were extraordinarily limited (e.g., Lunchables), again related to staffing shortages. While both schools have attempted to address some short-term concerns, it seems neither yet has a plan in place to address the underlying issues.

Business Takeaway: These staffing shortages, and their effects, have understandably angered both students and their parents (as well as school staff asked to volunteer for duty). As we have seen throughout the country, and throughout various industries, the debate on labor shortage vs. wage rates continues on, with no solutions in sight. Contact us at 414-446-8800 or if you want to discuss your talent pipeline or other staffing concerns.