Bon Appétit Series Hard to Swallow

Gimlet Media podcast “Reply All” dedicated several episodes of the program to scandals at Bon Appétit involving discrimination and outright racism. In a bit of a twist that followed, “Reply All” host P.J. Vogt and senior reporter Sruthi Pinnamaneni were called out by former and current colleagues for hypocrisy. Vogt and Pinnamaneni, who have since stepped down from their roles at “Reply All,” allegedly contributed to a toxic work environment—engaging in some of the same behaviors as those they exposed at Bon Appetit. 

Business Takeaway: As we have seen before, no organization—regardless of size, mission, etc.—is immune from factors that lead to discrimination and workplace toxicity. In many cases, otherwise high-performing employees can contribute to a toxic environment, as apparently was the case at “Reply All.” Contact Adam at 414-446-8800 or if you have questions about creating a healthier work environment.