The Vaccination Requirement Quandary

With questions still swirling about rising infection rates, the Delta variant, booster shots, and the like, business owners are in a bit of a quandary. On the one hand, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has confirmed that businesses may mandate that employees are vaccinated. On the other, it seems few businesses have implemented such a requirement, opting for separate policies for employees relative to their vaccination status and hoping to not lose or alienate employees at a very busy, important time. For instance, many businesses have different mask and social-distancing policies for vaccinated and unvaccinated employees (creating, perhaps, an added incentive for employees to get the vaccine). Related questions include how far one goes in demanding proof of vaccination, and in questioning such vaccination records. Contact Adam at if you have questions about such policies or would like to brainstorm on how to increase the vaccination rate of your workforce.

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