A “New Normal” Workweek?

What should the standard workweek look like? This topic has been scrutinized and discussed for years—including theoretical alternatives and even short-term trials of different approaches—but the pandemic has brought the topic back to the table in a new way. Not every nation (nor every business) abides by the same standard workweek (e.g., France’s 35-hour workweek). Nor is every nation united behind one approach (e.g., the U.K. Labour Party’s 2019 campaign for a 32-hour workweek). Berlin-based Awin utilized the circumstances presented by the pandemic to test a four-day workweek—and while the trial results have yet to be analyzed, Awin’s CEO has indicated it is likely here to stay. 

Business Takeaway: Work after COVID is a complex, multi-faceted topic. In the push to “reset” the workplace to meet modern and evolving needs, the new workweek is inevitably a piece of the puzzle. While still relatively uncommon in the United States, there are an increasing number of companies opting to try a four-day workweek. How would a four-day workweek work for you?